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Answer Of Your Few Questions.

1.How to Include Myself In The Player's List?

➤Start playing on the #OSUM servers and finish atleast One Match to be Included in the list.

2.What Will I Get?

➤Top 10 player will get Icons on their head.
- #1 Player
- Top #3 Players
- Top #10 Players

Note - If you see this icon say Hi! because that's Me

3.Who The Hell Am I?

➤I am SobyDamn
Owner of All These Things
Yup That's It!

4.How Can I Appreciate You or Contact You?

➤Email Me on
 Join The Discord Server
I am Active on DISCORD Mostly.

5.How Can I Download Mods Of Your Server?

➤The Files Which are Shareable is On or Will be On My YouTube Channel

6.Why Name Of Discord or WhatsApp Group
is Not Similar to My Server Name?

➤Cause am Lazy to create my OWN and handle it.

7.Who Helped You In Creating all These Things?

➤No One!

8.Why Admin Kicked Me or Banned me?

➤You must have Done something wrong
and given him a reason
Including the reason that you're playing in very lame manner.

9.Can I Get Adminship
VIP or Anything Like that?


10.Why Your Webpages are eyesore to me?

➤Try Seeing it from your closed Eyes.

Contact Email-
 Join The Discord Server